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Why We Are Different

“Challenging the Wisdom of Convention” is the byline of our firm’s mission statement. Most Americans do not know it, but they may be building wealth the wrong way. Most Americans have their wealth in their employer’s 401k, 403b, 457, IRA plan, not realizing that tax rates most likely will have to increase greatly in the near future meaning they may not really have as much as they think they do to live on! I believe it was a sad day in this country when the Pension Plans of our workers in the 80’s were replaced by the 401k. These people were told not to pay taxes now, take the tax deduction and pay taxes later when they get older and the tax rates will be less. They may have been wrong!

I believe the reason people are building wealth the wrong way today is because they are listening to financial advisors who may be giving the same old, outdated, traditional advice that was given in the 80’s. We are living in different times now going forward than we did in the 80’s and 90’s. In the 80’s the national debt was under 1 trillion dollars, now we are over 22 trillion and climbing. I believe that in the 80’s, Social Security and Medicare were not in the mess that they are now. To add to the problem that already exists many people do not realize that the baby boomers will be retiring this decade, potentially depleting Social Security and Medicare rapidly. Taxes are anticipated to have to go up in the near future, which can affect how much of your 401k, 403b, 457 and IRA accounts are available for income withdrawals. Many Americans may simply run out of money too early.

Here at Dees Wealth, we listen to your goals and work together to form a comprehensive wealth strategy that may offer you income for your lifetime. It’s kind of like your own personal pension plan. “Come see why and how we are different!”

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